(Kari 1983 : Klas Ernfloから)

Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes just gave TED Talk on synesthesia.

Shawn Kuruneru

漫画の手帖 №17 人形映画佐野邦彦:編44P1984年6月15日漫画の手帖事務局

John Armleder - Fishermen’s Cellar (2007)

Vintage Japanese matchbox (via mint)

Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973), Black Figure, 1948. Lithograph on wove paper.



Installation by Robert Seidel features colourful projections onto hanging abstract paper sculptures - video embedded below:

Hand-drawn sketches were the starting point for the installation grapheme. They delineate the artist’s initial creative idea and serve as the basis for the films projected, as well as for the form of the projection sculpture itself. These sketches are translations of memories and associations, which the artist, like in a diary, has captured from the most varied places and stations of life.

… The organic projection sculpture frees the film from the dogmatic limitations of rectangular silver screens and monitors. These delicate, laser-cut tissues float in the architectural space, light spills over them, and they come to life before the viewers’ eyes.

Currently shown at the Museum Wiesbaden, Germany.

You can find out more at Robert’s website here

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