Timothy Saccenti - Flying Lotus

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Björk photographed by Barron Claiborne, 1997
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destroyed film

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sarah jane hallam

Cloud #64  16” x 12”  Oil on Wood, 2014

Christopher Wool - Untitled (1999)

Yves Tanguy - The Storm (Black Landscape) (1926)


Staple Crops

Artist who creates works with computational analysis of the world of hip-hop.

Pictured above are light-painted visualizations created with an industrial robotic arm using data from textual analysis of rap lyrics related to mentions of geography, placed on a virtual map:

Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s light pen drawings Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement. uses abstracted semantic rap data to create sculptural forms with light. The forms represent the distance travelled by the lyrics in each song.

(Brief) Methodology: I used the Hip Hop Word Count’s new semantic analysis results to extract all geographic mentions from the complete bodies of work of 12 rappers. These locations were translated into geo coordinates which were then made into points that plotted the robot arm’s movements. The robot arm drew each path while holding a light pen.

There are other projects to be found at Staple Crop’s website here


Oil pencil, acrylic gouache and ink on wood panel test

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